One Time Alliance for Democratic Reform

Who we are

The One Time Alliance for Democratic Reform is a non-partisan citizens' group with a growing membership from across Canada. We have in common some deep concerns about Canada's democratic deficit caused by our outdated first-past-the-post electoral system, the lack of decisive climate action and ongoing socio-economic inequalities. We are concerned that we cannot continue with business as usual and see the need for a breakthrough by concerned political parties in the next federal election.

We are calling for the NDP, the Green Party and allies concerned with the same issues to collaborate on a one-time basis in the next election. The intention would be to win enough seats to hold the balance of power and make it possible to bring in badly needed reforms to ensure a democratic, sustainable and prosperous future for our country.

This website provides information to help supporters of both parties and other allies to assess the potential value and feasibility of inter-party collaboration in the next federal election. We've kept the textual content to a minimum but have added links for those who wish to deepen their understanding.