Our Vision

One Election, One Candidate, One Chance

As concerned citizens who care deeply about electoral reform and climate change, we are calling on the NDP, the Green Party and like-minded candidates to join forces by running a single alliance candidate in key ridings in the next federal election backed by a joint platform based on democratic reform, vigorous climate action and social justice.

Despite the historic rivalry of the NDP and the Green Party and some differences in their platforms, there are significant affinities between the two parties. Among their supporters are hundreds of thousands of Canadians who have supported one or both parties at some time.

A major thrust of our vision is the need for a proportional voting system. This One Time Alliance for Democratic Reform is intended to do something about that by helping to elect pro-electoral reform candidates in sufficient numbers to hold the balance of power.

We are explicitly NOT calling for a merger of these two parties or any other parties. We want voters to have a range of choices in line with their voting preferences, but the way to get that in an effective way is through a proportional electoral system. The challenge is how to change our electoral system when those who are elected have a vested interest in the existing system. A One Time Alliance of the two parties most dedicated to electoral reform is the only realistic way to achieve this objective to ensure a democratic, sustainable and prosperous future for our country.